Kremik Servis


The expertise of our team of professionals is at your disposal. Use our services with confidence because behind our solutions there is knowledge and decades long yet ever growing experience bolstered by continuous education.

Lifting of boats, underwater cleaning

-    80 ton travel lift for lifting and lowering of boats

-    30ton carello for safe transport of boats by land

-    5 ton crane

-    Usage of slip


     -  Engine and generator repair and maintenance
    -  Repair and maintenance work is done in our shipyard or at other locations, depending on the wishes of the client
    -  We offer know- how, tools and documentation for complete overhaul of the following engines: Volvo penta, Mercury, Yanmar,  Honda, Suzuki
    -  Our workshop is specialised for repairs and construction of aluminium and inox structures; like railings, bimini structures, various  platforms and so forth
    -  We can also repair engine and machinery parts by various methods such as welding, turning and grinding, to name just a few. 



     -  Maintenance of boat electrical and electronic systems
    -  Maintenance of boat measuring equipment
    -  Repair and maintenance of all types of generators with auxiliary equipment.
    -  Installation of electrical systems
    -  Repair and maintenance of batteries
    -  We offer know- how, tools and documentation for complete overhaul of vessels made by the following manufacturers:   Raymarine, Webasto,   Fisher panda, Victron energy, Cristec, Nordstar,Garmin, Lewmar. Lowrance, Quick.


     -    Making of teak decks
    -    Making of various platforms, bridges, stairs, doors, floors
    -    Wood interiors
    -    Wood varnishing

Glass Reinforced Plastic

-    Laminating – instalment of layers and glass fibres by hand

-    Our current capacities used for various repairs and plastification of wood and metal surfaces

-    We use epoxy resin for work on various machines and engines

-    Osmosis repair (filling, grinding)


    -  Introduction of antifouling (International, Hempel AWL-grip,Jotun…)
    -  All types of painting work: partial, protective for aluminium, steel and polyester yachts, wood varnishing, both interior and   exterior
    -  Polishing and other techniques of paint protection   


Layer by layer removal using the technique of sandblasting. Wet and dry sandblasting (dust free). We use environment friendly Garnet, 40 to 350 Mesch granules

Sandblasting is used for:
- Removal of old antifouling
- Removal of old foundation layer and other layers affected by osmosis
- Osmosis repair
- Preparation of engines for a new layer of paint
- Removal of graphite from all surfaces
- Cleaning of stone, concrete and other surfaces

Other Services

     - In cooperation with our partners we offer making and repair of all types of sails and awnings
    - Cleaning and interiors, interior design
    - Sales of various spare parts, batteries…
    - Gas filling
    - Repair of rubber boats
    - Boat sales agency